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Thursday, 16 August 2012


Things are progressing in my search for a venue to hold my classes. I was hoping to hire our local community centre as its cheaper for residents of the village. Unfortunately its dominated every day by the playgroup until next spring when they complete their building work and that means there isn't room for us! Initially I was a bit disappointed, its just round the corner and would have been really easy but it wasn't meant to be. After numerous phone calls to other places without much luck I was starting to feel like my plans for the 'Little House of Patchwork' weren't going to happen. Everywhere was either booked up or far too expensive, then the other half had a bright idea!

I made a phone call, had a chat with a very nice man who seemed keen to help and tomorrow I'm going to view what I hope will be the perfect venue for my classes

Fingers Crossed! 

I've also been sourcing some lovely fabric and threads .....................yummy! Its certainly going to be hard to keep within the budget! 

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